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Tired of looking all over for used Stratocasters? Used Strats has everything you need! Find used guitars or parts to build the perfect stratocaster! We have Used Custom Shop Stratocastercompiled the best used Stratocasters from across the web. Find the used Fender guitar you want at the best price!

Used Mexican Stratocasters

Find the Mexican made Stratocaster you have been looking for!

Used American Stratocasters

USA Stratocasters have a great sound and feel, browse our great selection here.

used Deluxe Stratocasters

Save hundreds of dollars by buying a used Deluxe Stratocaster! Deluxe Stratocasters look great and sound awesome.

Stratocaster Parts

Need Stratocaster parts? Get supplies for building and or repairing your Fender Stratocaster. Find bodies, necks, bridges, pickguards, neck plates, jacks, and more!

ebay Buying Tips

Not sure what to buy? Read our guide to buying on eBay. Learn how to bid safely and get the most for your money.


Have a question about your building or repairing your Strat? Find all your answers here in our forum.

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